Shrinking Sheila!

shrinking sheila 2 shot 10:12






Sheila update!!! Here she is looking amazing!!! The picture all the way on the left is Sheila the day she started the BodyInstinct program in January of this year. the picture in the middle is from April and The picture on the right is Sheila TODAY ! She has lost over 40 pounds of pure fat!!! And for those of you who might be thinking that you need a trainer or nutrition coach to be able to do this – no you don’t! Sheila was away all summer with her family and I didn’t

see her at all, yet she still totally rocked the BodyInstinct Program all by herself! She created her own workouts following the workout plan in the book and it was easy for her to continue eating the BodyInstinct way because it IS easy!!! So proud of you Sheilz!!! Starting this Monday we will be doing Follow My Food On Facebook with Sheila for a week so you can see exactly how she eats and exercises on the program! Be sure to tune in and get it on your news feed and share with your friends! xoxoxoxo
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