Shrinking Sheila 40th Birthday Update!!!

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Shrinking Sheila 40th Birthday Update!!!  Happy Birthday Sheila and Look at you at 40!!

Sheila started the BodyInstinct Program with me in January of 2012 and one of her main goals was to be looking and feeling good by her 40th birthday and WOW!  She sure is!!!

The picture on the left is Sheila when she started the BodyInstinct Program and the one on the right is Sheila today!

She has lost over 41 pounds of fat!!!

NOT just 41 pounds of “whatever” but 41 pounds of PURE FAT!!!!

That’s over a 12% drop in BodyFat!

She is working out and eating BodyInstinct Style and it shows!!!

Get the BodyInstinct book today and get started on your own transformation!

Check out Sheilas complete Transformation Timeline below:

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