Sheila mini update

sheila:jack 3:16:13


Hi everyone!  We were not going to do another Sheila update until her 40th birthday which is coming up in May but, so many of you have asked about how she’s doing on the BodyInstinct Program since we haven’t done an update on her progress since before the holidays so…………………….here ya go!  A picture speaks a thousand words!! This is Sheila this past weekend with her incredibly supportive husband Jack!  Amazing!!!!  It’s important to remember that Sheila did not hit some kind of “weight loss lottery” to get to this point.  She earned every “penny” of it through focus, determination, sweat and consistency!  She truly demonstrates a possibility for everyone!!!  Check out how far she’s come in my blog testimonials!  You go girl!!!  Stay tuned for the big update coming in May!!!xoxoxo

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