Amazing James!!

James 10:12


BodyInstinct……..It’s not just for girls! This is James! The picture on the left is James BEFORE starting BodyInstinct in April and the picture on the right is James today ! James is 36 years old and he is a shining example of how BodyInstinct works for everyone! Since starting BodyInstinct along with his wife, Alma at the end of April, James has LOST over 10% BODYFAT and GAINED over 10 lbs

of MUSCLE! All of that muscle has been gained WITHOUT using weights but instead using his own body weight and bootcamp type exercises as resistance. All of that fat has been lost doing cardio, resistance training and eating the BodyInstinct way! His eating is 100% BodyInstinct and he still enjoys his food and gets everything he needs without ANY protein powders, supplements or “magic” potions! ! You rock BodyInstinct James!!! Thank you for being such a great example for others!  xoxoxoxo

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