Health and Fitness Workshops, Seminars & Lectures

Host a health/fitness workshop, lecture or seminar at your event, business or school to get your participants, employees or students on the fasttrack to health and fitness!! Choose from one of our school or corporate packages or we can custom tailor a lecture, seminar or workshop just for you! Seminars, lectures and workshops can be aimed at adults or children of any age!

*Clients include First Data, Nike, Sports Authority, and Disney.
Lectures and Seminars most often requested by Tari:

BodyInstinct – Based on her upcoming Book release, BodyInstinct is about going back to our natural eating instincts and living green inside your body. Several “eating instincts” from the book are discussed.

Sugar Freaks – a very powerful “in your face” visual demonstration of how sugar sneaks into our daily diets.

The Four Components of Health & Fitness – an overview of the four components that need to be addressed to be completely healthy.

Working Out Harder IS Smarter – How to get the maximum results from your workout with minimum time invested.

What’s In That Anyway? – Pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colors and flavors, genetic engineering, gassing. Why is this stuff in our food and should we be concerned?

Women’s Body Wise – nutrition and exercise information specifically targeted to women. (Excellent for conventions for women’s groups)

“Hey Mom, what’s for lunch?” – The CDC claims that by the year 2010 nearly half of the children in this country will be overweight. From Toddlers to Teenagers this informative seminar teaches parents how to change their children into healthy eaters.(excellent for conventions for women’s groups)

Stretching for runners – The best type of stretches and how to perform those stretches properly to increase performance and reduce injury.

Resistance training for runners – How to work your body out using your own body weight as resistance to create a more athletic type body to increase running performance and metabolism.

My Time For Me – A women’s guide on how to find the time she needs for herself to stay fit and healthy while working and raising a family
Exercise classes taught:

Yoga – relaxing, restorative, vigorous, or whatever you choose. A great class to offer for any group or convention to give everyone dome much needed downtime. Can instantaneously size up a group and the area we have to work with and conduct a class that would be appropriate. No need for mats or special equipment. Can be formal or informal.

Hard-Body Yoga – Tari’s own concoction of Yoga, pilates, and strength training. As this class is fairly intense it would require yoga mats and workout wear.

Boot camp classes – can be offered on the grounds of hotels or convention centers. This class is a “use your own body weight” blend of cardio and strength training.

*Classes and seminars can also be custom tailored to meet your group or conventions specific needs.

Please contact or call (954) 684-6173 for more information on any of these services

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