Hard-Body Yoga


About Hard-Body Yoga™

“Create a long, lean, strong, flexible body with this original & innovative workout from yoga & fitness expert Tari Rose”

Hard body yoga is where yoga meets strength training!

Great for time-crunched individuals who want all the benefits of yoga: stretching, flexibility, balance and relaxation but who also want the muscle tone and definition achieved through traditional strength training. No matter what your fitness level, you can have it all-in half the time!

Tari has taken traditional yoga moves and added a strength-training dimension, infused with pilates, to create this ideal, full-body, one-hour workout. You will feel your body lengthening, strengthening and toning through each move.

How Hard-Body Yoga™ started:

Hi, I‚m Tari Rose!   I‚m the mother of two small children.   I‚ve been a yoga and fitness (strength training) instructor for over 20 years and I also have a strong background in pilatesbecause of my classical dancing career.

After the birth of my first child, I started to gravitate more towards yoga, because it just felt better on my body than traditional strength training.   Unfortunately, yoga didn‚t give me enough of a toned effect and traditional strength training just felt hard on my body and was adding too much bulk.   My time was also much more limited than before.

I needed a way to combine the best of the fitness worlds. That, is when Hard-Body Yoga was born!   It is where Yoga meets strength training with a pilates influence.   I took traditional yoga & pilates moves and manipulated them in such a new way that it did exactly what I needed. Hard-Body yoga creates a long lean strong and flexible body without any of the bulk you can get from traditional weight training.  Not to mention the fact that you are combining your yoga, pilates and strength training together to maximize your time!  And…it‚s a lot of fun!

Hard-Body yoga creates long lean strong flexible bodies!

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