BodyInstinct Kids Seminar – Nutrition for Children

BodyInstinct Kids Seminar – Nutrition for Children

A parenting class on how to teach your children to be healthy eaters for life!!!
In this one day informative seminar for parents you will learn how to:

Teach your kids good eating habits that will reward them with a lifetime of good health!
Make your home a place that encourages healthy eating!
Eat healthier in restaurants (even fast food!)
Boost your childÂ’s immune system!
Choose healthier snacks!
Pack healthier lunches!


find out what role sugar and food additives play in your childs health & well being
Is milk actually the best way for your child to get calcium?
Is fruit juice potentially dangerous for your child?

To host the Nutrition for children seminar at your church, school, fitness facility or organization, contact or call 954-684-6173

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