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It is the one truly effective comprehensive nutrition and fitness program designed to give you everything you need to develop the healthiest most fit body possible! The six-week program is an all natural way of manipulating your body’s own metabolism to work for you instead of against you. The focus is just as much, if not more, on how you eat than what you eat. My family and I live, eat and exercise by the guidelines of this program and I can tell you first hand that it works to give you a leaner, healthier, and more energetic body and will continue to do so for the rest of your life. Over 20 years in the development, this program is the result of my dedication to my clients, readers and viewers who, with my coaching, have changed their lives and their looks!


Doing my job as a health/fitness consultant, I was always asked my opinion on what I thought about this or that diet. To be able to give an educated answer, I made sure that I fully read just about every new program or diet book out there. During the course of my reading, what I discovered was, that most programs had at least a piece of the puzzle but, fell very short of the whole picture.

I worked on the BodyInstinct™ program for many years until I was sure that I really had all the pieces of the puzzle. My program will teach you the way we were intended to eat and the way we would be eating today had we been permitted to follow our natural instincts. What I do with this program is the opposite of what most nutrition programs do (most try to teach you a new way of eating), I am going to take you back to your original instincts to what in reality, is your natural way of eating. After the initial adjustments, you will find that it really is very simple. After all it’s your natural born instincts back at work. What could be easier than that? Together we will strip away the conditioning, which has blocked your natural instincts. The conditioning I’m talking about is the unnatural eating habits that have been forced upon us by society, our well-meaning parents, and just our modern day world in general.

Probably the strongest driving force behind our eating instincts
is our circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the 24 hour cycle
in the biochemical, physiological and behavioral processes of all
living things. Our circadian rhythm determines our sleep/wake
cycles and our metabolic cycles. Learning to eat in sync with
your circadian rhythm instead of against it is going to turn your
body into a body fat burner instead of a body fat storer! You are
about to find out why when you eat is just as important as what
you eat!!
The program is progressive, meaning you start out making a few
small changes in your eating habits the first week and then a few
more each week thereafter. Before you know it, you’ve changed
your eating habits completely and it feels perfectly comfortable
and natural because it’s your body’s own instincts kicking back
in. Instead of doing an abrupt lifestyle change (which is what
most programs do) the BodyInstinct program kind of sneaks up
on you. At the end of six weeks you will be noticeably leaner,
healthier, and more energetic. At that time, I’ll put you on a
maintenance program which will continue to produce results for
you indefinitely.
During the course of the next six weeks, I will also design your
cardiovascular/resistance exercise program for you. If you are already
doing some type of cardiovascular/resistance activity, I will
teach you how to tweak it in ways that will burn 10 times more fat
and tone more muscle. If you aren’t currently exercising I will
encourage you to begin a program that will be very effective, convenient
& comfortable for you. You will learn how to produce
maximum results with minimum time invested!



The BodyInstinct program is available in paperback, as an Ebook and also offered as an individual or group program. For more information please contact

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