Fall Makeover For Your Muffins!

pumpkin muffins

It’s time for a fall makeover for  your muffins!! It’s that time of year to switch out your bananas for pumpkin in your BodyInstinct Banana muffins! I made some this morning and they were sooooo yummy! Everyone loves them and they are so good for you too! They are the same yummy yet healthy BodyInstinct Muffins, full of whole grains, omega 3s, protein, reduced sugar and nothing artificial whatsoever! But now they can taste like fall! You just take the regular recipe and replace the bananas with a 15oz can of Pumpkin Pie Mix. Make sure it’s PUMPKIN PIE MIX and not just pumpkin. Bananas have more sugar than pumpkin so you need the little extra sugar and spices that come in the mix. I tried it once with just the plain pumpkin and my kids called them “nothin muffins” cuz that’s pretty much what they tasted like :) . Also, it doesn’t have to be organic I just happened to buy organic because that’s all they had. The original recipe for BodyInstinct muffins is in the BodyInstinct Book available at Amazon or you can find it right here on my website by clicking here:  BodyInstinct Banana Muffins

Better make a double batch cuz they’re gonna go fast! Happy Fall! xoxoxoxo

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