Taste Test!!

Kids taste test

Back to School Taste Test with your kids (or you!) Back to school and back to the old boring same lunches, breakfasts and snacks? It’s time for a taste test at your house!! My kids LOVE this and so has every other kid I’ve ever done it with in my health coach practice! if they are 2 or 17 or any age in between they LOVE it! Go to the grocery store either by yourself or let them join you and pick out 10 completely new (and healthy) crackers, snacks, chips, fruits, veggies, breakfast foods, etc and bring them home. Set up an official taste test by displaying the new food and in front of the food a little paper plate with a sample. Write a number on the plate and Give your kids a paper numbered 1-10 and have them rate the new food from 1-10. A score of 1 is “i would never put this in my mouth again” , a score of 10 is “I would like to eat the whole thing right now can I please have more?”, a score of 5 is “it’s ok” and you get the rest! They will have so much fun AND get some new variety in their eating! Sometimes you might only get one new food depending on the kid but I usually get an average of 2-3 which is great! For more helpful information on back to school lunches, breakfasts and snacks for your kids you can visit my healthy kids blog!  xoxoxo

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