Let your kids help you cook!

kids helping cook 2

This year instead of kicking your kids out of the kitchen while you’re cooking, find a way to involve them in the process!  Let them make 1 or 2 dishes with you from start to finish and you will be surprised how anxious they will be to try their creation!  This year my kids made the stuffing, cranberry sauce and corn pudding with me and they are so excited to eat the dishes they helped prepare!  Some dishes are even ok to taste along the way as long as their are no raw ingredients.  Teach them about the herbs and spices that are going into the dish and even a little math with the measurements can be fun!  Just keep it simple and fun!  Don’t want to make them feel like they are in school!  It’s also a great time to talk about all kinds of things.  Somehow as the kids are distracted with the cooking they open up about all kinds of things!  I have a girlfriend who whenever she felt her tween daughter was under any kind of stress, would say “hey let’s make a batch of cookies”!  And in the process of making the cookies, a great conversation would be had and things would get better!  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Enjoy your food, your family, your friends, your life! xoxoxo

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