A Trick for your kids Halloween Treats!



Candy overload at your house?  Those coveted trick or treating bags are now full of all kinds of sugary treats!  As they should be!  For most kids the loot they get on Halloween is more about the volume of candy they get.  It’s exciting to see all of that candy!  Fortunately kids are picky even about their candy so usually only about 10% of their take home Halloween candy is something they actually like.  However, some kiddos will eat it just because it’s there.  So just don’t let it be “there”.  Here’s a little strategy guaranteed to get them to quickly forget about all that candy.  Starting today put their bag away where they can’t get to it or see it.  Remember, out of sight out of mind.  Tell them they can ask for one piece every day after school.  They first few days they will ask and you will get the bags out and they will have fun going through it and they’ll have a piece of candy in the middle of the day when they will burn it up. No big deal.  Then they will forget or just be “over it” and then you can toss it.  With most kids its already forgotten 2 days after Halloween.  If you have that rare kid who continues to ask for a piece of candy every day for a week or so, no big deal. It’s just one piece.

If you are on the BodyInstinct Program and are wondering how your kids Halloween Candy fits into your eating well………………….it can actually.   Everyone knows the strategy of buying candy you would never eat (so you don’t eat it) for the Trick or Treaters coming to your house on Halloween but what about when your kid comes home after trick or treating with a bag full of goodies sure to have a few of your “trigger” candies inside?  You can actually (for a day or two) replace one of your BodyInstinct snacks with 2-3  SMALL pieces of Halloween candy and be no worse for the wear.  The WORSE thing you can do is be craving something in your kids bag and deprive yourself of it and  do what I call “eating around a craving”  which is basically eating a whole lot of healthy stuff to try and avoid that candy you want so badly.  So you end up eating more calories of other stuff until you can’t take it anymore and then end up eating 20 pieces of candy too.  Now you have all the calories from everything you ate trying to avoid the candy in addition to the massive amount of candy you end up eating because you couldn’t take the deprivation anymore.  Now wouldn’t it have been easier, healthier and satisfying just to go ahead and eat  couple pieces of candy and call it a snack and just walk away?

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