Migraine cure???? It is at my house!

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Migraine cure??? It is at my house!  When my daughter suddenly started having debilitating migraines at 10 years old I was dumbfounded. I had never had one and didn’t realize how severe and crippling they can be.  They would come out of nowhere and take  her down immediately and she would vomit and curl up in a fetal position in a dark room just sobbing and eventually falling into a coma-like sleep. She would emerge several hours later looking like she’d been dragged through hell.  As a mother and a health professional I was determined to get to the bottom of these migraines and “cure” her. Because of my job I have developed working relationships with numerous health professionals who I consulted with about migraines.  I also sought out a few more doctors and specialists some of whom had actually written books on the subject. If you follow my blog you know that I always go for the most natural treatment first and then work from there. With migraines it seemed the most natural treatment was to avoid “triggers”. There is a list of common food triggers for migraines and obvious things like  alcohol , coffee and chemical food additives were on that list but she didn’t have any of those in her diet anyway.  However, some really healthy stuff she ate on a regular basis  was on the “to avoid” list: cheddar cheese, nuts, citrus fruits etc.  I was hesitant to take such healthy foods out of her diet so I started asking friends and clients who suffer with migraines if they had tried eliminated trigger foods and had it helped. The general consensus was “not really” except for coffee and alcohol for some people. Others actually felt coffee/caffeine helped their migraines and some doctors agree yet others disagree. Removing healthy foods just  didn’t seem like very effective preventative. I moved on to researching environmental triggers. The list looked something like this: stress, storms,lack of sleep, too much sleep, bright lights, lights that are too dim,  loud sounds, physical exertion etc. Holy Cow! How does anybody avoid all those everyday occurrences??  By the time she was eleven the migraines had intensified and had become more frequent so with her doctors ok I started pre-medicating her. After keeping a calendar of her migraines we found that 90% of them were occurring at the same time of the month. They were mostly hormonally driven. So for 10 days of her cycle she would take ibuprofen as a preventative  all waking hours  and then naproxen once she was 12 because it lasted longer and she didn’t have to remember to take it so often. These medications did nothing for her migraines after they started but did a great job at preventing them. After a year and a half of this I was really concerned about her being on NSAIDs so often and so regularly. They are not easy on your stomach or kidneys and she was so young and what type if long term effects was this going to have on her body?  Also if she forgot to take them when she wasn’t with me she would get a migraine. I started researching supplements to help migraines. Those of you who know me and have read my book know that I am not a fan of most supplements and an opponent to the lack of  regulation of them.  However, I was at a loss at this point. I went back to the medical migraine experts to find out if they had any success with supplements. They answer was yes and no. It seems their migraine suffering patients had tried every supplement with very few good results EXCEPT for the 3 you see pictured here: coenzyme q10, B complex, and Magnesium. Doctor after doctor mentioned these 3 as showing the most promise. They also said that sometimes they worked miracles and sometimes not. I realized that could easily be because if the lack of regulation of supplements in general. Some have lower quality ingredients so if some of their patients were taking a supplement that was of poor quality or didn’t have as much of the main ingredient as it was supposed too than it wouldn’t be effective.


I went to one of my favorite companies, ConsumerLabs.com, which is a trusted and well known consumer group that independently tests supplements on a regular basis and their results are sought after and trusted by major networks such as CNN and major newspapers and magazines and of course me.  I researched to find the highest quality brand supplements for Co enzyme Q10, B complex and Magnesium oxide (the type of magnesium suggested for migraines).  What you see in the picture are the brands that I found to have the highest ratings.  As you can see, none of these supplements are high priced supplements yet, they came out the best in several tests and evaluations done by Consumer Labs.  Always remember when it comes to supplements paying more doesn’t always get you better!  In fact, a lot of the time you are just paying for fancy packaging and their marketing.


After my research and after checking with my daughters pediatrician, I started my daughter on these supplements on the 10 days of her cycle where the migraines were occurring.  I can tell you it’s been 9 months now and she has had NO migraines.  She is no longer on preventative ibuprofen or naproxen and she is migraine free!  These supplements have also worked for individuals who suffer migraines that are non hormonally driven and doctors say it’s safe to take the supplements at these dosages every day.  My daughters pediatrician was amazed and so happy for Tommi as well!


If you suffer from migraines check with your doctor on starting this amazing migraine threesome and I hope and pray it presents the same results for you!  For my daughter it has truly been a migraine cure!



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