Would you hire the guy who lived here to redo your house?


Would you hire the guy who lives here to redo your house??? Of course not!  So don’t let out of shape trainers, instructors or people give you fitness or nutrition advice!!!  I was inspired to write this today because there is someone in my town who happens to be pushing a nutrition concept that is just plain silly.  It will not get you leaner OR healthier.  The interesting part is the person (although extremely nice) has a pot belly, no muscle tone whatsoever and couldn’t run a mile to save their life yet, people are flocking there to buy his products because it’s the new “in” thing.  If your trainer, instructor or “nutrition adviser” can’t do it for themselves what makes you think they can do it for you???   Now there are times when  your health/fitness consultants will go through body changes due to pregnancy, vacations, illness, or just normal body fluctuations and that’s normal.  In fact it can be very inspiring to watch a health/fitness consultant who may get somewhat out of their normal shape do what it takes to get right back into shape.  Maybe your health/fitness consultant is new to the business and is still working on themselves as they are helping you.  As long as you see them making steady progress then you know what they’re doing works.  No body is perfect.  There are all different types of bodies and no two people are exactly the same so there is no criteria to meet except when you see someone they just look healthy and in good shape!  So when someone wants to offer you nutrition or fitness advice, take another look and make sure they are looking healthy and in shape or well on their way! Make sure they are walking the walk and not just talking the talk! xoxoxo

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