Spring is Here!!!

Spring Mountain Field Wp long goodbye

Tomorrow is the first day of spring!!!  A time for renewal, growth and a fresh start!!  A great time to start working out or renew and revive your current workout routine!  Get outside (or stay in) and do a bootcamp style class!  I teach one here in South Florida BodyInstinct Fitcamp  but they are everywhere!  Cross Fit and Orange Theory are two popular franchises that teach a  bootcamp style class!   Tried hot yoga yet?  I love the Yoga Joint in South Florida but there are great hot yoga classes everywhere too!! There’s kickboxing, martial arts, pilates, spinning, the list is endless!!!  The important thing is to make sure you have an instructor that doesn’t push you but encourages you to push yourself while honoring your body’s limitations. Tomorrow Celebrate the first day of spring by stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring a new possibility in your health & fitness regimen!!  xoxoxo


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