It’s National “Suck It In” Week!!!

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It’s national “suck it in” week!  Help celebrate by sucking in your belly at every red light for this entire week and then at the end of the week you can celebrate a flatter belly!  Think it won’t do much to get your tummy flatter?  Then think again!  There are 2 types of muscle fibers in every muscle:  endurance fibers and power fibers.  Your ab muscles are made up mostly of endurance type muscle fibers because they do mostly endurance type work (Mainly holding you upright all day) so they need to be worked in a more endurance type fashion which is why you typically do alot more reps when working abs than you do when working other body parts.  Pulling your abs in as strongly as you can every time you stop at a redlight is creating an isometric endurance workout for your abs!  Do that over and over at every red light and it DOES make a difference!  You have to sit there anyway so why not use that time wisely by adding a mini ab workout in!  Do it for a week and you WILL see a difference!  Now WHERE you initiate the pull in does make a difference too.  You want to initiate your isometric ab pull in about an inch below your belly button for it to be most effective.  If you don’t do anything for your abs right now this will certainly help and if you are already eating right and doing ab exercises this can be the icing on the cake!  The little extra something you needed to flatten out those abs!  Just as a little back up story:  A long time ago I knew a guy who never did an ab exercise in his life but always practiced isometric pullins during commercials when he was watching tv and he had an amazing flat stomach and abs.  That’s when I added the iso ab pullins into my regimen and I really noticed a difference! These days we usually just fast forward during commercials or don’t have the time to watch tv but redlights still stop us all day long! So try it!  What do you have to lose?  Except may your belly.  Don’t forget to share with your friends!

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