Creating balance NOT guilt!

no guilt

Guilt from overeating sucks!!!! This holiday season instead of creating guilt……..create balance!  Just simply balance it all out!  Instead of just putting on the holiday “feeding bag” and abandoning your workout program until January 1st and then trying to “fix it all” then, balance out on a daily basis!  It feels so much better physically AND mentally and there’s no big overhaul to do in January! I will help you with tips all of this Holiday season on how to create balance with your body!  Today’s balance tip:  DO NOT abandon your workout regimen over the holidays because you are “too busy”.  Let’s face it, as much as we like to think no one is as busy as we are, everybody’s busy in their own way and especially during the holidays.  You need exercise more than ever during the holidays!  You need it to balance out too much eating here and there and then feeling sluggish, and to give you the endorphins you need to mentally deal with the Holiday stress of planning, preparation, relatives, shopping, kids, etc..  All that holiday business means you need extra energy too and where are you gonna get that?  By drinking extra Starbucks pumpkin lattes?  No, you need to exercise!  Take this coming Thanksgiving week for example!  Start this holiday season off right!  Make a commitment to balance out Thanksgiving by exercising at least 3 times this week!  Your body will feel exceptionally balanced if you include exercise the day before, the morning of or the day after Thanksgiving.  Exercise studios, gyms, yoga centers and bootcamps are open everywhere!   There’s also the beautiful outdoors, parks and playgrounds for running or walking!  Out of town visiting friends and family? Great!  Break out of your comfort zone and check out a new kind of class!  Or spend time exercising with our loved ones!  How about a game of tag football in the yard? Or basketball? or a walk and talk? So many options!!  Plan ahead today where you will fit in exercise this week and then put it into your calendar!  xoxoxo If you are in the South Florida area you can join me and my crew at BodyInstinct Fitcamp this Monday, Wednesday and Friday!  Click here for more info: BodyInstinct Fitcamps

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