Back To School Healthy Snack #2: Fruit & Nuts! The best snack ever!

snack fruit and nuts

Of all the possible snacks in the world, the combination of fruit and nuts (or seeds) knocks everything else out of the park!  The combination of these two foods gives a perfectly balanced serving of healthy oils, fiber, a little protein, lots of nutrients and  steady energy!  Today I am sending one of my kids with raisins and pistachios.  Raisins are the only dried fruit that I will send as a snack.  Other dried fruits such as cranberries have a ton of added sugar or fruit juice concentrate (aka sugar) and become more like candy or good fruit gone bad.  Raisins should also be organic like these Newmans raisins you see here because grapes are on the “Dirty Dozen” list and as you know raisins are simply dried up grapes.  Some kids are crazy about raisins others not so much.  The great thing about raisins as a parent is they are a great back up to have around  if you run out of fresh fruit because you haven’t been able to make it to the grocery store or the fresh fruit in your house  has seen better days.  Pistachios are going along with the raisins today.  These are still in the shell because my 11 year old likes them that way.  If I buy them already shelled she won’t eat them.  Kids are goofy like that.  I have to admit they do taste fresher in the shell.  The snack for my other kid is a whole organic (Dirty Dozen list) apple.  Some kids would never eat a whole apple like this and prefer it is cut into wedges or chunks.  There is a great little tool you can get in any Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target that cores, AND cuts the apple into wedges in one swipe!  Make sure if you cut the apple up that you sprinkle some lemon juice on it  to keep it from becoming brown.

Along with the apple I sent Wasabi almonds.  Believe it or not these are for my child who is “very selective” about his foods.  One day my husband was eating the wasabi almonds and my 8 year old asked for one and  my husband said ok and gave him one.  Now, the temptation would have been to talk him out of it since it’s not something kids would typically like and that would have probably deterred him from trying a brand new food so it’s important to remember to never talk a kid out of trying something new.  For instance if my husband would have responded with “be careful they are spicy” he probably never would have tried them but my husband kept quiet and my little guy tried them and LOVED them.  Who would have thought? So now I have one more healthy addition to his list of foods that he likes!  The moral to this story is let your kids try EVERYTHING!  Cuz you just never know what they will like.  They might surprise you!  Sometimes we have a tendency to shy them away from unusual foods or foods that we don’t like and that can be a big mistake.  Let them try all nuts and seeds and all fruits so it makes it easier for you to have several different fruit/nut combinations to offer as snacks.  Of course the best drink to go with a snack:  Water xoxoxo


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