Back To School Healthy Lunch #2: Another cure for the boring sandwich!

Kids healthy lunch 2

Here’s another idea for the kids out there who don’t like sandwiches!  Today my anti-sandwich kid is taking one of his all time favorite lunches to school:   A single serving size of the new Jiff To Go Natural peanut butter with a combination of Snyders Mulit-grain twists and Wheat thins Whole Grain Stix for dipping!  Kids LOVE dips and they LOVE to play with their food!  You can also give them other food items to dip into the peanut butter such as carrots, Whole grain Goldfish, or other whole grain cracker.  Sometimes I give my older child a banana and the peanut butter with a plastic knife to spread on each bite.  (turns out she actually does it with her fingers but some kids would prefer a plastic knife :) )  And of course this lunch contains (as every lunch should) at least one food choice from each of the 4 BodyInstinct Kids  food groups for a well balanced lunch:

1.  Energy source – This would be the Snyders multi-grain pretzel twists/Wheat Thins Stix combo.  Both great sources of whole grain and taste great with the peanut butter!

2.  Protein source – Peanut butter is a great protein source for kids because it tastes great and most kids like it!  Peanut butters you should buy for your kids:  I prefer Jif or Skippy All Natural brands.  These contain no trans fats and still have the desired creamy consistency of regular peanut butter and are easy to work with because they have no oil separation.  So far only the Jiff comes in the single serving to go containers which is a huge plus for me.  The All natural peanut butters that have oil separation are also good for you but messy and usually too runny on top (where the oil is) and too dry on the bottom.  Some kids enjoy other nut butters as well like Cashew Butter and Almond Butter.  The important thing to remember about peanut butter or other nut butters is no matter what kind you buy they MUST be stored in the fridge after opening.  An unsealed jar of peanut butter stored in a cabinet can develop harmful aflatoxins.

3. Fruit or vegetable source – Peaches today!  Now if I put that whole peach you see in the picture in my 8 year olds lunch it would come right back to me or end up in the garbage  BUT if I quickly and easily cut that peach into chunks and put a little toothpick in there shaped like a pirate sword then he’s all into that peach!  Remember with kids it’s all in the presentation!

4. Treat source – This is my cookie kid so today he gets ONE Oreo.  That’s all he needs or any kid needs.  Why give them 2 or 4 when one does the trick?  If they are hungry they will eat more of their other food in the lunch!  I have been in cafeteria’s and classrooms and seen kids open their lunch and immediately take that prepackageded 6 pack of cookies out and eat it FIRST!  Filling up on sugar!  Don’t think their teachers are watching them either.  They have ALOT of kids to keep and eye on and it’s not their job to make sure your kid doesn’t eat his/her HUGE treat first.  Besides, even if they were watching, let’s be honest:  kids are sneaky………and good at it.  So to make sure that doesn’t happen just send one cookie because even if they DO eat it first, so what?  They will still be hungry and eat their food.

As always, water is the one and ONLY choice for a drink at lunch! xoxoxoxo




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