Back To School Healthy Kids TRASH SNACK #1

angry birds crackers


Beware of the latest marketing strategy in foods! Now that the food industry knows we are looking for better healthier choices for ourselves and our kids, some manufacturers are stepping up to the plate and making kids packaged foods healthier.  Others are just pretending to step up to the plate. Doing their best to trick you into believing their product is healthier. For instance check out these Angry Birds crackers.  At first glance it looks like WOW!  Look at all the whole grain in these crackers!  “8 grams of whole grain per serving”!  What they are hoping is your brain is transposing that into  “8 grams of fiber per serving”.  8 grams of fiber per serving would be phenomenal BUT all the “8 grams of whole grain per serving” claim means is that there is 8 grams in WEIGHT of whole grain flour per serving , which is not very much at all.  In fact it’s only 1 1/2 teaspoons of whole grain flour per serving and there are 17 crackers in a serving!  How do they make 17 crackers out of just 1 1/2 teaspoons of whole grain flour?  They don’t!  The majority of the flour they are using is plain pasty nasty white flour.  But they want you to think (with their sneaky claim) is that these crackers are just bursting with whole grain.  Which they are not.

Look at this picture and you will see that when you turn that box around and look at the nutritional panel on the side it clearly states that there is only 1 gram of fiber per serving of crackers and a serving is 17 crackers.  Really a very poor source of fiber.  If you look down even farther ( I kind of cut it off sorry) but you can still see that the first ingredient is unbleached enriched flour.  Which is just plain white flour.  In a legitimate whole grain product which is a good source of fiber, the very first ingredient should be “whole grain………..etc”.  If the very first ingredient isn’t “whole grain” something or other (like “whole grain corn” or “whole grain wheat”  etc.) it’s NOT a good source of fiber.  Remember food manufactures use the front of the box as an advertisement to reel you in.  It’s your job as an educated consumer to turn that box around to the nutritional information panel and see what they are really selling you. xoxoxoxo

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