Back To School Healthy Kids Trash lunch #1: Lunchables

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Possibly one of the worst kids foods in the world!  The idea is great: a complete lunch in a cute little compartmentalized container.  The food inside the container not so great.  In fact its total crap.  I wouldn’t feed it to my dog.  Would you?  Then you probably shouldn’t feed it to your kids either :) .  To be as fair as possible I chose the “best” one I could find out of all the varieties and it’s still about as bad as it gets.  let’s take a look at the nutritional information panel and see what’s really in this cute little container:


1.  As you can see the grams of fiber is only 1gram.  Very poor source of whole grain/fiber

2.  Although it claims to have no trans fats you can see very plainly that “hydrogenated oils” are on the label twice.  So it does have trans fats but they are using a legal loophole  that allows them to claim “0 grams of trans fats” if their product is just a hair under 1/2 gram per serving.  By splitting up the ingredients and listing it twice instead of once they can make that claim legally even though it’s totally deceptive.

3.There are nitrites in their turkey and that’s just crazy because hardly anyone uses nitrites or nitrates in deli turkey anymore.

4.  All the artificial colors and flavors of the rainbow.  Yuck!

5. And finally the part that really creeps me out is 38% of the calories in this lunchable come from sugar!!! unacceptable!


The Problem is these lunchables are HEAVILY marketed to kids who fall for the cute little food in the cute little containers.  So what to do when your child asks for them?  Tell them you can make a better “lunchable” with all their favorite things inside!  Then of course you have to come through but that’s easy!  Get yourself some small cookie cutters in shapes or use a small cup or glass for circles and cut out your healthy deli meats and your organic cheese in shapes.  Add your own wholegrain crackers, some fruit and veggies and of course a treat that they really like! There are tons of colorful compartmentalized plastic containers out there or you can use a plain plastic one and add cupcake paper holders for color and fun!  That way they can have the colorful lunch without actually having to eat the color and all the other junk that comes with it! :)

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