Back To School Healthy Kids Lunch #4: Tuna, egg or chicken salad!

kidslunch 4

This is a very versatile lunch with many varieties of protein AND mix ins!  The combinations are endless! Today was tuna salad with a dab of mayo mixed in and a few shredded carrots and celery.  I made a double batch so I can make another lunch out of it this week.  It could also be chicken, egg, tofu or even shrimp salad depending on the child.  The recipe is easy. Start with a good grade of canned tuna, or some leftover chicken or canned chicken breast, or a hardboiled egg or other protein choose.  You can chop the protein ingredient of choice very fine or keep it chunky.  Different kids like different textures.  Add just a super small amount (just enough to make it stick together)of mayo, hummus, or ranch dressing.  Some kids even prefer mustard or honey mustard. For most kids I would leave it at that but some kids actually like some mix ins thrown in like chopped onion, celery, carrots, grapes, nuts, etc..  So many combinations to try!  You can serve it on whole grain bread or it’s great on a whole grain wrap (Flat Out Wraps are usually a hit with kids) or with whole grain crackers /chips for the anti-sandwich eater.  As always  this lunch contains (as every lunch should) at least one food choice from each of the 4  BodyInstinct Healthy Kids  food groups for a well balanced lunch:

1. Energy Source:  Whole grain Sun Chips

2. Protein Source: Tuna

3. Fruit/vegetable source:  In this lunch I included baby carrots in soy sauce.  Carrots come in all shapes and varieties now.  You have baby carrots, carrots “chips” , carrot sticks and even shredded carrots.  The reason you see two different types of carrots here is because I have two kids who prefer 2 different types of carrots.  The shredded carrots are actually going into my other kids lunch with a little ranch dressing for dipping.  I also included some blueberries in this lunch today too because you can never have too many fruits and veggies!

4. Treat Source:  A small piece of a homemade brownie my neighbor gave to the kids the night before which I told them they could have in their lunch today instead of letting them eat it it right before bedtime which is never a good idea.  I actually broke one brownie in half and put half in each of their lunches today.

And last but not least:  water


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