Back To School Healthy Kids Breakfast #6: Cereal!

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Just About Everybody loves cereal!  Unfortunately most cereals are not much more than white flour and sugar.  The BodyInstinct cereal rule states that a healthy cereal should meet the following criteria:  no artificial colors or flavors, the grams of sugar should be 5 or less per serving and the grams of fiber should be 3 or more per serving.  Only a few cereals meet that criteria (e.g plain original cheerios, plain original Kix, unfrosted mini wheats, etc)  Although these healthy cereals are good for your kids, they are not very exciting and not real appealing for most kids.  So, what you can do is find another cereal that has no artificial flavors or colors but goes over the 5 grams of sugar a little and under the 3 grams of fiber a little and “marry” that cereal with the super healthy cereal in a big cereal container!  Cheerios are great because you can take the original plain Cheerios and blend it half and half with ANY of the other flavored Cheerios which are a little higher in sugar and a little lower in fiber but taste really good (e.g. peanut butter cheerios, fruity cheerios, chocolate cheerios, etc)!  You can mix original plain Kix cereal with one of the flavored Kix cereals or something else like the COCO bumpers you see pictured.  Then there’s unfrosted mini wheats mixed with frosted mini wheats.  What a great way to give kids what they WANT and what they NEED at the same time!  A cereal that tastes great AND is good for them!  Remember to use organic lowfat or reduced fat milk in their cereal. NOT skim or fat free. Chapter 4 in The BodyInstinct book explains why. Some kids also like fruit in their cereal: blueberries, strawberries, rasberries, blackberries, sliced bananas or even raisins!  Some kids like the fruit but not mixed in with their cereal so you can serve it on the side.  xoxoxoxoxo

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