Back To School Healthy Breakfast #5: French Toast!

french toast 2


French Toast is another quick, easy, “make alot of extra and freeze it” breakfast! There’s a recipe in the BodyInstinct book and it includes all the ingredients you see here!  If you notice I have 2 types of whole grain bread shown.  The Arnold Whole Wheat is one of my families “great old standby’s” but the Alvarado St. California Style Complete Protein is an organic sprouted wheat bread that is sooooo healthy and good for you but would never fly with my kids on a peanut butter sandwich because the texture is VERY grainy and as they would say “it looks weird” BUT soak it in some fresh french toast batter with organic eggs, organic milk, pure vanilla and some cinnamon and I was betting they would eat it and they did!  (I also made some with the traditional Arnold bread just in case as back up) It was a great way to get a very different type of whole grain bread in them that delivers so many different nutrients and grains than their  regular whole wheat bread.  After they ate it I asked them how they liked the “special healthy new french toast bread” I bought and they said they loved it of course!  It’s great to be able to use every opportunity you can to introduce new foods or new types of foods to kids.  Just remember to NEVER be sneaky about it.  They need to know when they are eating something healthy and be rewarded for it with praise.  Let them know either before or after they try something what it is.  You don’t have to give them specifics.  For instance this morning you may have noticed I asked my kids how they liked the “special” healthy new french toast bread.  I didn’t ask them how they liked the “California style complete sprouted wheat bread”.  That would have been way too much information and sent them running in the other direction.  Until recently my 8 year old would never eat french toast.  Then I realized he doesn’t like the crust on his sandwiches and I always cut it off.  So, I cut off the crust on the french toast and what do you know?  Another breakfast that he now loves!  Remember, texture is EVERYTHING when it comes to kids! Some serving suggestions:

This morning I served the french toast with some Turkey Store Turkey breakfast sausage and a little fruit.  As toppings I let my kids choose from a sprinkling of powder sugar (which we call “snow sugar”) or a drizzle of natural maple syrup (not pictured) or agave syrup.  Take 5 seconds to arrange a face and it’s even more appealing!

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