Yummy Healthy Chips!

kale chips

Yummy Healthy Chips!!

LOVE these chips and so does everyone who tries them!!  Even my one kid who is skeptical about ANYTHING green can’t put them down!! Minimal Ingredients: Whole grain corn flour, sunflower/canola oil, spinach, kale and sea salt!!

No gmo’s, lots of fiber and 10 chips is a 130 calories!  With that kind of calorie count you can dip them in 1/4 cup of salsa, hummus or guacamole and they work great as a BodyInstinct style snack!  I haven’t tried dipping them yet because they are so good all by themselves!!!  I found these in my regular grocery store but not in the chip aisle but over by the deli department.  If your favorite grocery store doesn’t carry them, put in a request!  My clients, my friends and I do this all the time at our  grocery stores and they always get us whatever we ask for  Enjoy!!

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