Thanksgiving dinner can be chocked full of trans fats!

pepperidge farm stuffing front

With the known health dangers of Trans fats, the Food manufacturing companies have done a decent job in the last 10 years of removing trans fats (aka hydrogenated oils) from alot of our foods.  Our traditional Thanksgiving foods may be one of the exceptions!  Went to the grocery store yesterday and took the following pics of some of our traditional Thanksgiving foods and you may be shocked to see how many of these companies who have removed the transfats from so many of their foods, have dropped the ball on Thanksgiving!  It’s bad enough that we tend to overeat on Thanksgiving but remember that any eating of trans fats is overeating of trans fats.  In fact depending on how much you eat on thanksgiving (and some of us eat ALOT, just sayin)  add up the trans fats in the pie crusts, the stuffing, and the dinner rolls and you could easily take in 25 grams of transfats in one sitting!  Not to mention the additional trans fats in the leftovers we tend to live off of for a few days!  So when you are buying your Thanksgiving supplies read the labels!  And don’t just read the Nutrition Facts label where it gives you the amounts of the different nutrients because remember they are allowed to lie and say they have 0 grams of trans fat if they have just a hair below 1/2 a gram per serving!  So make sure you read the ingredients!  If you see the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” put it back.

Pepperidge Farm Stuffing

Arnold Stuffing


Keebler Pie Crust

Honey Maid Pie Crust

Pillsbury Dinner Rolls

See ya tomorrow when I blog about the good choices for Thanksgiving at the grocery store!




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