Pre-holiday BodyInstinct cleanse!


Holiday overindulgence is right around the corner!  Time to do a BodyInstinct Pre-holiday cleanse!  The cleanse will have you going into the holidays feeling lean and clean!  Always better to pre-balance than have to clean up a big mess after the holidays! The BodyInstinct cleanse is in the BodyInstinct book which you can find right here at


or as my holiday present to you I will leave the cleanse up on this post until the end of the week.  Happy holidays!


BodyInstinct Cleanse ™


Yes Anytime of day

All vegetables

Lean protein (meat, fish, chicken, pork)



Yes before 3pm only

Nuts & seeds (1 handful a day)

Oatmeal (breakfast only)

Beans (all kinds)

All fruit

Tea & coffee black only (reg and decaf)




Bread or flour products




Dairy products

Anything processed

No artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors


* drink 1 gallon of water each day

*balsamic or red wine vinegar on salads only

*dry spices only

*Certain foods should be organic (please refer to Chapter 1 in the BodyInstinct book page 55)

*If it’s a food not mentioned on this list then it’s a no.



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