Pomegranate with out all the toil and trouble!

pomegranate seeds

I LOVE pomegranates in the fall!!! They are so yummy and full of wonderful nutrients!  Just one pomegranate gives you 48% of your vitamin C, 58% of your vitamin K, and high levels of folate, choline, magnesium and potassium!  It’s even high in protein for a fruit and packs in 11.3 grams of fiber!  The only thing I DON’T like about pomegranates is they are VERY messy ( I usually have to change my whole outfit after I eat one :) ), hard to work with and definitely don’t travel well. So, for those times you would love to have a pomegranate that’s a little more convenient, these sweet little healthy jewels are now available in the  produce sections of most grocery stores!  All the wonderful taste and nutrients yet no mess or work!  They are great for a BodyInstinct snack along with a 1/2 handful of nuts or as an accent on a salad or mixed with some lowfat organic cottage cheese as you see here.  They freeze well too, right in their package and taste good fresh or frozen! I am so happy my friend and BodyInstinct follower Aida found these and shared them with us!  Thanks Aida! xoxoxoxo

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