Organic Dairy Scam!

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We do our best to buy products that are organic and are healthier choices for our families and pay considerably more for them.  Some products are much more important to buy organic than others.  Take dairy for instance.  Buying organic dairy insures that the milk, butter, yogurt or cheese products we buy is from cows given no antibiotics and  no growth hormones that our families would end up ingesting.     Or does it?  Recently a claim has been filed against Aurora Dairy products which produces “organic” milk for Target, Walmart, Wild Oats, Costco and Safeway.  The claim alleges that Aurora Organic Dairy and the foregoing retailers (collectively, “Defendants”) made false and misleading representations and omitted material information about the manner in which the Milk Products were produced and that Defendants had breached their expressed and implied warranties.  In other words, you may have paid for something you didn’t get.  If you purchased milk or butter from any of the retailers I mentioned you may want to take a look at the chart below to see which products are in question: (click on the chart to view all)


The first hearing is in February 2013.  If you purchased any of these milk products in the U.S. for personal, family, or household uses on or before September 14th, 2012 then you are a member of the settlement class and you may want to visit

You might also consider changing your organic milk products to more consistently ethical companies such as Organic Valley or Horizon.  Always remember that wherever there is an opportunity to make money both good companies and bad companies will be there to profit.  Especially when it’s a product that people feel will make them healthier.


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