Mini peppers and hummus My favorite new snack!

peppers hummus

Mini peppers and hummus!  My favorite new snack!!  The BodyInstinct Program requires snacks in between meals to keep us satisfied and to keep our metabolism up up up.  The best “go to snack” is fruit and nuts however, sometimes you just get a little bored with your fruit and nuts.  Remember that boredom with your food is the quickest way to kill a healthy eating program so spice it up!  Another great snack alternative is these new mini peppers that have come out and are full of nutrients and full of flavor!!!  My friend Christina told me about these and I had some with a little hummus yesterday and they were amazingly fun and yummy!  No cutting up needed and they travel well.  You could use other flavors of hummus or black bean dip or salsa or some blue cheese or ranch dressing!  Notice I took a serving size of hummus out of the tub because eating right out of the container makes it way too hard to control how much you eat.  Taking a serving out is always better!  Christina says she puts hers in the toaster oven or broiler for a few minutes and says they are amazing that way too!  No oil necessary!   Great for your dinner or lunch veggie side too!  Enjoy!!! xoxoxo

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