Making me a healthier Mom!

ss cup

Happy Mothers Day to all my amazing mommies!!! This year for Mothers Day I asked for a few things that would help me be a better mommy by keeping myself and my family healthier! (Yes there are a few areas where I drop the ball too! )First on the list: a stainless steel travel coffee cup from Starbucks! No more drinking my hot morning coffee in a plastic to go container or through a plastic straw. Even if they are BPA free (which mine were) there are lots of other potentially dangerous chemicals in plastic that haven’t been thoroughly studied and it’s a known fact that placing hot liquid or food in plastic containers leaches these chemicals into the liquid or food faster. Remember if a container can melt on your hot stove then you should not be placing hot food or liquid of any kind inside of it Stainless steel Is a much healthier choice because it only breaks down under extreme temperatures 2500 degrees! Plus it looks really cool Happy Mothers Day!

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