It’s the First Day of Spring!!! Why am I so hungry???


The Two times of year when our bodies are most driven by hunger are fall and spring!  Why?  Because those are the two times of the year when it was crucial for our ancestors to eat.  Long before grocery stores when people were still hunter gatherers, their instincts drove them to eat in fall to store up for the long hard winter and again in Spring as they came out of the long, cold, food sparse winter.  Springtime meant animals coming out of hibernation to hunt and plants starting to bloom and grow again to eat.  Instincts, low food intake during the winter, and renewed food availability drove our ancestors to eat as much as they could  in spring.  It’s kind of like coming off of an extremely restrictive diet and walking into an all you can eat buffet.  You’re gonna overeat.  Ok, so that was hundreds of years ago and we now have grocery stores and restaurants offering a nonstop food supply 12 months out of the year so why are so many of us still REALLY hungry this time of year?  Instincts.  It takes a very long time for our instincts to catch up with the times.  Just like we have a 24 hour Circadian rhythm (which is what the BodyInstinct Program is based on) we also have a seasonal body clock that drives our sleep/wake cycles as well as metabolism.  So what to do with this increased spring hunger?  Just knowing what it is is very helpful to work as a reminder to not overeat and most importantly, knowing it will pass helps too! xoxoxoox

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