Healthier (yet still yummy) Thanksgiving options!

pie shell good

Yesterday’s blog showed you all kinds of popular Thanksgiving staples that you should avoid because they are unfortunately, full of trans fats.  Yuck.  I never like to “take away” something from you without giving back so I went back to the traditional grocery store to find healthy options and I did.  For 2 out of 3 anyway.

First of all the rolls.  You gotta have rolls at Thanksgiving.   But, do they have to be full off crappy stuff including white flour and trans fats?  NO!  They can be healthy and if you choose one of these two they taste great too:

Don’t forget to spread a little organic butter on your rolls if you like!

Then there is the pie crust.  I found absolutely no good choices on the shelves but low and behold the frozen section had these babies and I was soooo happy:

No need to say anything about these!  They label says it all and it’s all good!

Finally, the stuffing.  It’s sad to say because the traditional grocery stores have come such a long way, but there was no good choice whatsoever for stuffing.  Every single stuffing was full of trans fats and stuff you can’t even pronounce.  So, unless your traditional grocery store is doing a better job than mine, you will probably have to go to a specialty “health” store to get your stuffing and  if your traditional grocery store is worse than mine, possibly even your rolls or pie shells.

Is it really important that we make better choices even on Thanksgiving?  Yes of course it is!  Remember that it’s not usually just one meal.  Sometimes it’s a meal that lasts a week in leftovers!  Also, You may be thinking “well I want a traditional old fashioned Thanksgiving with all the traditional foods, even if they are horrible for me”.  But in reality, the true original Thanksgiving foods didn’t  have trans fats, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, etc.  They were as natural as can be.  Just ask the Pilgrims :)

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