Have your chocolate and eat it too! (without guilt or extra bodyfat)


Have your chocolate and eat it too! Without all the guilt or extra bodyfat!!  We are getting dangerously close to Valentines Day and it’s a good time to remember:  It’s not about “deprivation” but “manipulation”!  Go ahead and enjoy!  But………be smart about it and you can have it all!! Chocolate AND a lean body!  First of all, have a Valentines Day lunch or brunch!  You can indulge early in the day without the indulgence turning into bodyfat.  Your metabolism is rocking before 3pm and ready to burn up whatever you throw at it.  Valentines Dinner is so not worth it.  First of all, the restaurants are crazy and work like an assembly line for Valentines Diners.  They are super busy and take extra reservations which always ends up making your dinner even later than you expected.  So there you are wanting to eat at 7pm (which is late already) and you end up actually eating at 8:30 or 9. Too much food, too late in the day!  Now you are taking those same Valentines calories but eating them late in the day when your metabolism is at a slow crawl.  What do you think is going to happen to all that food??? You may as well smear it on your belly or sit your butt down in your plate cuz that’s where it’s going to end up anyway.   Plan ahead this year and take control and make lunch or brunch reservations and remember to ask for dark chocolate!!! xoxoxoxo

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