Emergency Bars!




Emergency Bars!  I’m always asked what’s the best health bar to eat nutrition wise?  Well first of all I’d like to make it very clear that 90% of the “health” bars out there are anything but!  Most are candy bars with a few nuts or oats thrown in to give the illusion of healthy.  Most have just as much if not more sugar than a Hershey Bar.  They are also processed food no matter how you look at it.  I know people who won’t let themselves or their kids have one piece of candy but will eat 2 or 3 bars a day. Most of the “health” bars out there are over 35% sugar!  And just because you got your bar at Whole Foods or Trader Joes and they say “organic” on them doesn’t make them any healthier.  Organic sugar is just as bad for you as un-organic sugar.   Don’t kid yourself, you would be much better off with some fresh fruit and nuts or a banana and peanut butter.  However!  If we choose healthier less sugary bars and start to think of them as “emergency” bars they can be of some value.  There are those times when you are hungry and you have no nuts or fresh fruit available.  You are stuck  in your car, getting ready to walk into a meeting, waiting unusually long  for a doctors appointment, at the park, etc and you don’t want to let hours go by without food so that your metabolism slows and your energy drops.  In cases like these it’s good to have “emergency” bars everywhere!  Have one in your bag, backpack, glove compartment, desk, anywhere and everywhere!  Then when a day comes where you have no whole food choice and your metabolism is dropping fast because it’s been over 3 hours without food (which is a big no no on the BodyInstinct Program), you have your emergency bar! Don’t forget about the quality of your emergency bar either!  Like I said most of them are over 35% sugar and that’s just crazy!  Make sure your bar is no more than 25% sugar max!  How do you know what percentage of your bar is sugar?  Using this simple formula:

Take the grams of sugar per bar and multiply it by 4 (cuz there are 4 calories in every gram of sugar).  Then divide your answer by the total number of calories in the bar and this will give you the percentage of sugar.  Check out how I use the formula to find the percentage of sugar on the bars pictured:



















grams of sugar x 4 divide by total calories = percentage of sugar

7 x 4 = 28 divided by 190 = 14%

So this bar is 14% sugar which is awesome for a bar and way below the 25% maximum sugar percentage.  In fact all varieties shown here of this particular bar are below 15% sugar AND the protein count and healthy fat count is great for a bar too! Not only because the protein and healthy fats are good for you but they also slow down the digestion of the bar and keep you fuller longer.  Most other bars are just giving you a sugar rush and then kicking you off the cliff.  Use this formula for determining which bars you should be buying by making sure your bar is below 25% sugar.  Other wise you may as well just enjoy a candy bar.

ps this is a great formula to use for cereals too!

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