Eggnog for Breakfast?? And cookies too!!!

egg nog breakfast

There’s no better way to enjoy your favorite holiday treats then to have them as part of your healthy breakfast!!!  Are you a huge eggnog lover like me??  Get yourself some organic nog and instead of drinking it after dinner when it’s practically guaranteed to put on the pounds, put a big splash in with your regular milk and whole grain healthy morning cereal!  That’s what I did this morning and it was so yummy and takes any night time nog cravings away!  Not into nog but Christmas/holiday cookies are your big thing?  Get yourself a cookie and break it up in your oatmeal in the morning!  Not too much into the holiday sweet treats but more into the cheese and cracker temptations abound?  Put some brie in your eggs or have some holiday cheese and whole crackers for your lunch! Remember it’s about manipulation NOT deprivation!  If you try to be a “tough guy” and fight  off those holiday cravings for too long you may end up eating 10 cookies and drinking a whole quart of nog!  So have some fun and get creative with your holiday treats!  Food is not just fuel!  It should also be fun!

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