Do you have NADD?


Do you have NADD? Nutrition Attention Deficit Disorder? 1 year ago was your fridge stocked with pomegranate juice and then 6 months ago with coconut water and now with cold pressed juices? How many supplements mentioned by Dr. Oz, your best friend or someone on Facebook do you have stacked in your cabinet that were supposed to make you leaner or healthier? If all this stuff is so wonderful and works so well, then why are they selling you something different every couple of months? And why are you switching it out for something new every few months?? Because everyone always has and probably always will continue to search for the magic potion to make you leaner and healthier. If you are starting to gear up for your after the holidays healthy eating track remember that what pays off is consistency, EATING your food (which should be a variety of healthy fruits, vegetables and lean protein) and eating the majority of your food in sync with your Circadian rhythm – The BodyInstinct Way. Remember that wherever there is a person desiring to be healthier or leaner there will be 100 people trying to sell them the next “magic” potion.

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