Curing seasonal allergies with local honey!!!!

local honey

You may or may not have heard that some people who suffer from seasonal allergies have tried the all natural remedy of eating local honey.  Somehow I never heard about this natural remedy for allergy sufferers probably because it hasn’t shown a whole lot of success with most people.  However, last week I was blessed to speak on health & fitness with a group of anti-aging doctors at a convention in my town.  When I met with the other speakers for breakfast I noticed that one of the doctors had a little jar of brown stuff he pulled out of his pocket and was putting in his tea.  Of course, being me, I had to find out what it was and why he was using it.  He said it was honey from his home town which he said completely kept his formerly horrible seasonal allergies away for over 10 years.  He said if he was going to be in Florida for more than just a couple days he would have immediately gone out and purchased local honey.   He also told me that although eating local honey to cure or lessen allergies is well known, it’s unsuccessful for most people because they are purchasing the wrong honey.  First of all he explained that it works like this:

The idea behind eating honey is kind of like gradually vaccinating the body against allergens, a process called immunotherapy. Honey contains a variety of the same pollen spores that give allergy sufferers so much trouble when flowers and grasses are in bloom. Introducing these spores into the body in small amounts by eating honey should make the body accustomed to their presence and decrease the chance an immune system response like the release of histamine will occur . Since the concentration of pollen spores found in honey is low — compared to, say, sniffing a flower directly — then the production of antibodies shouldn’t trigger symptoms similar to an allergic reaction. Ideally, the honey-eater won’t have any reaction at all.

The part that most people are missing and why this therapy hasn’t been more successful is because the honey should not just be from your own state but the closer to your house the better!  Definitely within a 5-10 mile radius.  It also needs to be raw and unfiltered as processed honey has all the anti-allergens removed in the processing.  I decided that I would give it a shot with my 9 year old who can’t seem to ever get out from under his seasonal allergies.  He is always sneezing, stopped up and usually has these black circles under his eyes that make him look like a sad little orphan.  I figured it wasn’t going to hurt and after years of trying saline sprays and rinses and every other natural remedies I had resorted to giving him Claritin almost every day just so he could function and stop developing sinus infections and  I just hate doing that.  So I went to a small local organic farm about 5 miles away from my house called Marando Farms.  I asked them where i could get the most local unprocessed honey available.  They were actually bottling it from hives out back!!!  Can’t get much more local or unprocessed than that!!!  I bought a bottle and it surely didn’t look like any honey I had seen before.  It was dark and super thick, more like molasses.  I brought it home to my son and told him about my talk with the doctor at the convention and got him all excited about it.  I told him he could just take it by the spoonful, put it in water, or drizzle it on his breakfast cereal.  For whatever reason he wanted to try it on lemons so for 5 days once a day he ate about 1-2 teaspoons of the local honey on lemons.  On the 6th day I realized I hadn’t heard him sneeze and the black circles were hardly noticeable and for the first time in ages I sent him to school with no allergy meds and he did great!!  Usually he can’t even focus without the meds!  So for a skeptic like me this has been simply AMAZING!!!! Not only is it amazing that it works but it worked so fast!!!

So if you are a seasonal allergy sufferer you might want to give this a try!  I am completely sold!!  I hope you have as good results as we have had with this natural therapy!!  Please remember that if you have never had honey before you could be allergic to the honey itself so just try a little at first.  Also, kids under 12 month of age should have no honey at all.  Good luck and keep us all up to date as to how it works for you and yours!! xoxoxoxo

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