Brie Bites!!! Look what I’m Having for snack today!!!!

brie bites

I see new healthy foods come out every day and although I am always excited about new stuff to add into my BodyInstinct snack repetoire, I can honestly say this is probably the most excited I’ve ever been!!!  If you don’t like Brie you won’t get it but if you DO, then hold on to your heart rate monitor!!!! Ile De France has just come out with single serving Brie in a cute little travel container!!!!  OMG!!!!! Perfect with some fruit or a couple whole grain crackers  for one of your BodyInstinct snacks!!!  Imported from France and Made from cows NOT treated with growth hormone, they make the perfect new little cheese to go! Great for an addition to lunches too!!  I bought my at my regular grocery store!!!  xoxoxoxo

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