Eating Instinct #8! You are what you eat….after 3pm

Eating Instinct #8  – You are what you eat,,,,,after 3pm!  This is the most important eating instinct in the program!  This is what defines the BodyInstinct program!  Once again you want to be eating with your Circadian rhythm and slowing down your food intake along with your metabolism as it slows down throughout the day.  3pm is a very significant time during your day because it’s right around that time when your Circadian rhythm switches your body from an energy mode into a repair and recovery mode.   You want to make sure you are not eating energy foods after 3pm.  Instead you need to stick to repair and recovery foods like protein and veggies.  Check out the video to find out what these energy foods are that you should be eating before 3pm but avoiding after 3pm. xoxoxo

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