Eating Instinct #7! Stop the late night eating!

Eating Instinct #7 – Stop the Late Night Eating! I have people ask me all the time “what’s the best food to eat late at night?” the answer is “nothing”.  Sure there are foods that are better than others if you are going to eat late but it’s best not to eat late at all or very seldom.   This is one of the reasons there are so many diets out there and at some point they all fail you.  You cannot just address “what” you are eating but you must address “when” you are eating it.  Even eating healthy foods late at night can  stall your progress or cause you to gain weight.  Eating with your Circadian rhythm is key!  Remember your Circadian rhythm drives your metabolism and your metabolism is at a slow crawl at the end of the day.  Watch the video to learn more about when you need to stop eating and why. xoxoxo

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