BodyInstinct Cleanse +1

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Let’s do a pre-holiday BodyInstinct cleanse +1!!!  I don’t know about all of you but I’m already feeling bloaty and yucky between Halloween, football games, and the fact that this time of the year our bodies internal instinct is to  be lazy and store fat for the long hard winter.  So, before we find ourselves going into the holiday season with a couple extra pounds already (yikes) let’s nip this in the bud with the BodyInstinct cleanse +1!!   What’s the BodyInstinct Cleanse +1 you may be asking? You may or may not have done the traditional BodyInstinct cleanse with me or without me after a vacation or holiday for a few days or more.  It works amazingly well but can be challenging after a few days.  So….I’m introducing the BodyInstinct cleanse + 1!  This is what I will be doing this whole week starting tomorrow  and if you are feeling like I am I encourage you to try this modified version of the BodyInstinct Cleanse!  Remember that too much deprivation can be just as detrimental to our over all well-being as too many treats.  This is why I always say you shouldn’t do the BodyInstinct cleanse for more than 2 weeks so you don’t end up feeling deprived!  On the BodyInstinct Program we always go for “manipulation” NOT “deprivation”.  Here’s where the BodyInstinct Cleanse +1 comes in:  Do the regular BodyInstinct cleanse the way it is described on page 130 of the BodyInstinct book.  However, allow yourself to have 1 thing every day that is NOT allowed on the cleanse.  Something that you would miss too much if you did the full out cleanse.  For instance, if you are going to just die without your cream in your coffee than make that your +1!  Or maybe it’s that class of wine or beer at the end of the day you’ll be missing too much then make that your +1! or it could be some sugar in your oatmeal, some Greek yogurt in your breakfast, a square of dark chocolate!  You decide!  Your +1 can be different every day or remain the same.  You can also check out my Facebook page and see all my previous posts to see all the great ways to enjoy all the foods that are ON the cleanse list!  So many yummy whole clean foods in your body every day +1!!!! xoxoxoxo

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