A great new (calorically dense) healthy cereal!

engine 2 cereal

The front of the package says it all!! Or does it??? Yes, this is a great healthy cereal which promotes right on the package: 40g of whole grains, 7g of fiber and 7g of protein!!   However, make sure you read the ENTIRE label of new foods you’re about to bring into your repertoire!  I agree this is a cereal that is low in sugar and with very healthy ingredients.  That being said do you see that 1 cup measurement full of Engine 2 cereal in the pic?  That one cup of Engine 2 cereal is 420 calories.  In comparison, that same amount of Cheerios is 100 calories.  That small bowl you see holds 2 cups of cereal so if you filled up that small bowl with Engine 2 cereal you would be eating 840 calories for breakfast BEFORE you added the milk.  In comparison, that small bowl full of Cheerios would be 200 calories before you added the milk.  The lesson is be careful of just fixating on what the food manufacturers want you to see on their label.  Turn that box around and get the full story!!!  I actually ate Engine 2 cereal for breakfast today with a modification:  I had 1/2 cup of Engine 2 with 1/2 cup of Cheerios and then filled the bowl up the rest of the way with sliced bananas and of course some organic lowfat milk.  Yummy, without an excessive amount of calories!! xoxoxoxo

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