A great BodyInstinct snack for after 3pm!

cheese crisps 2

If you are doing the BodyInstinct program and eating with your circadian rhythm, then you are making sure to stick with only repair and recovery foods (aka protein and veggies) after 3pm.  But occasionally you need a  snack after 3pm to hold you over until dinner  because it’s going to be a later dinner that night or because your afternoon snack ran late  and you’re having it after 3pm.  It can sometimes be challenging to get in a repair and recovery snack if you don’t have a refrigerator nearby since alot of protein/veggie snacks require refrigeration so they are not very convenient.  Here’s your answer!  These cheese crisps are like crackers but are made entirely of cheese!  They taste great and come in 8 different varieties!  The best part is no refrigeration needed so they travel well!  Serving size for a woman is about 3 and men about 5.  I found these at Whole Foods in the wine and cheese section and have my power couple clients/friends  James and Alma to thank for this little precious discovery!  Have some after 3pm repair and recovery (protein/veggie) snack ideas that are convenient and travel well like these?  Please share! xoxoxoxo

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