400 Calories of What?????

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McDonalds announced this month that they will begin displaying the calorie counts of their foods on their menu boards.  They even have a special category called “Favorites Under 400″.  Well McDonalds, myself and the rest of America appreciate you putting the calorie counts out there for all to see BUT even more important than the “quantity” of the calories in your food is the “quality” of the food that makes up those calories.  So instead of asking what’s under 400 calories, we should be asking 400 calories of “what”?  If you check out their “Favorites Under 400 (calories)” menu you will see that sugary products make up a good majority of that menu such as smoothies, sundaes, ice cream, apple pie, oreo Mcflurry, chocolate chip cookie etc..   There are also the regular fried greasy items as well such as fries and cheeseburgers but they are listed individually as being under 400 calories.  However you eat that cheeseburger and fries together and you jump up to 680 calories.  Add a medium coke to that and you are pushing close to 1000 calories.  1000 calories for a small lunch very low in nutrient value.  Most likely taking more AWAY from your healthy body  than it’s contributing.  I know it may sound like I am McDonalds bashing again so let’s look at it this way:  Doing your best to eat healthy in a crazy busy world can be challenging some days.  As I always say, there’s not a Whole Foods on every corner but there certainly is a McDonalds on every corner!  So, if that is your only choice than you better know how to eat there the best way you can.  Here are your best choices when faced with their menu:


Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal (NOT the Fruit and Maple Oatmeal as it is twice as much sugar – 44%)


Premium Grilled chicken classic sandwich ( actually comes on a whole grain bun in most McDonalds with lettuce and tomato and you can tell them to hold the mayo too)


Any of their premium salads with GRILLED  chicken added.  Only squeeze a teaspoon of your choice of dressing on salad and put the cover back on and shake to toss the dressing through the salad.

If it’s a burger you really want then grill one up in your backyard this weekend using organic beef or beef with no steroids/horomones and have it on a soft whole grain bun with your favorite fresh toppings!  Or hold off on the burger and fries until you can get to one of the new natural burger places popping up all over the country offering natural hormone/steroid free beef served on whole/multi-grain buns and fries with the skins still on fried in healthier oils.  And if you just can’t go without that occasional Mcdonalds burger then just do your best to make sure it’s not more than once a month.  It will take about that long for your system to get rid of it. :)

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