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BodyInstinct Beach Cross-Training

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7am-8am All summer long!! Create a lean strong healthy Body with Cross-training based on the BodyInstinct Program Tone the muscle – Burn the fat Just one hour -  Any age – Any fitness...
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Pre-holiday BodyInstinct cleanse!

Holiday overindulgence is right around the corner!  Time to do a BodyInstinct Pre-holiday cleanse!  The cleanse will have you going into the holidays feeling lean and clean!  Always better to pre-balance than have to clean up a big...
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Emergency Bars!

    Emergency Bars!  I’m always asked what’s the best health bar to eat nutrition wise?  Well first of all I’d like to make it very clear that 90% of the “health” bars out there are anything but! ...
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Stretching is instinctive!

stretching lion
                Stretching is Instinctive! The proof is in the way animals and babies stretch on a daily basis.  All adults should still be stretching instinctively but our heads get in the...
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