About Tari Rose

A consummate fitness professional who doesn’’t just practice, but lives what she preaches, Tari Rose inspires clients, readers and viewers with her knowledge and style.  ““I’’ve studied extensively and have experienced the positive results of a healthy lifestyle.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and techniques with people who want to change their lives —and their looks.”

When a paralyzing neurological and muscular illness, Guillian Barre’ Syndrome abruptly ended her classical dance career, Tari learned the body’s tenacity first-hand. After becoming completely paralyzed from the neck down followed by a year in physical therapy she developed a commitment to learning and understanding anatomy and physiology and started her new career in fitness, one that has flourished.

A sought after Health & fitness consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as First Data and Disney, Tari delivers motivating and inspiring seminars and speeches on all aspects of health, fitness and nutrition.  She’s also served as a technical advisor for Nike on photo shoots and appeared in a series of “Get Fit” segments for Sports Authority.

As a free-lance writer, TV guest and motivational speaker, as well as a model and actress, Tari has shared her fitness philosophies and talents with many. She has been featured numerous times on TV in health & fitness segments locally and nationally including “Money Talks News” fitness savvy segments for CNN.   She also has movie credits in front of the camera and behind the scenes including performing her own stunts in the movie “Disciples” and training actors like Nick Nolte for his role in “The Thin Red Line” and several actresses for the movie “Striptease.”

Tari is the fitness consultant for several Health Clubs and exercise studios in South Florida. She developed a number of popular programs including BodyInstinct Fitcamps which are workouts inspired by her book BodyInstinct.   Tari also teaches Full Moon Yoga for enthusiasts who enjoy the energy of the rising moon while practicing yoga on the beach.   From her yoga experience and her classical pilates training came the development and design of an all new original style of training called “Hard-Body Yoga. ™”  Tari describes it as “yoga & pilates meet strength training”.  It’s a very popular, effective and fun way of developing a long, lean, strong, flexible body without the bulk.  In fact, the popularity of the concept is what drove Tari to create The Hard-Body Yoga™ video.

www.TariRose.com is Tari’’s health & fitness website dedicated to providing web surfers with an ideal place to go for all kinds of health & fitness information.  It receives  thousands of hits a week with numbers climbing every day as more and more people actively follow her website blog as well as her Facebook page.

Presently, a tremendous amount of her time goes into her nutrition seminars and programs including “Nutrition For Young Children” and her most successful program: the “BodyInstinct” 6 week Total Transformation program.  In the BodyInstinct program,  Tari’’s extensive nutrition & fitness backgrounds come together impeccably to produce the single most comprehensive and effective health & fitness program available. Her book BodyInstinct was recently released and is based on her program.   She is excited about the opportunity this will afford her to share her insights into health & fitness with everyone!

Tari is a faculty member and also a continuing education specialist with the American Council on Exercise.  She also studied with Dr. Anthony Abbot at the International Fitness Institute and has earned certifications in nutrition, strength and conditioning, exercise testing and prescription, programs for special populations, yoga, biomechanics, rehabilitation, functional training and more.  Articles on her Hard-Body Yoga program have appeared in Oxygen, South Beach, Elle and Fitness magazines.   Tari and her husband Jack have 2 children:  an 11 year old daughter who was  featured in an article her mother wrote for Shape Fit Pregnancy magazine (March 2002 issue) and a 8 year old Son.  Tari, who will also turn 50 this year, is truly a living testament to a healthy lifestyle!