Monthly Archives: September 2014

Emergency Bars!

    Emergency Bars!  I’m always asked what’s the best health bar to eat nutrition wise?  Well first of all I’d like to make it very clear that 90% of the “health” bars out there are anything but! ...
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Stretching is instinctive!

stretching lion
                Stretching is Instinctive! The proof is in the way animals and babies stretch on a daily basis.  All adults should still be stretching instinctively but our heads get in the...
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Migraine cure???? It is at my house!

migraine supplements
  Migraine cure??? It is at my house!  When my daughter suddenly started having debilitating migraines at 10 years old I was dumbfounded. I had never had one and didn’t realize how severe and crippling they can be. ...
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