Monthly Archives: October 2012

BodyInstinct Beer Chili!

chili beer
  Got Beer?  Got chili?  Then you’ve got Beer Chili!  Chili is one of the all time perfect meals in a bowl!   It tastes so good on a chili day or night and if you make it right...
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Shrinking Sheila!

shrinking sheila 2 shot 10:12
          Sheila update!!! Here she is looking amazing!!! The picture all the way on the left is Sheila the day she started the BodyInstinct program in January of this year. the picture in the...
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Amazing James!!

James 10:12
  BodyInstinct……..It’s not just for girls! This is James! The picture on the left is James BEFORE starting BodyInstinct in April and the picture on the right is James today ! James is 36 years old and he...
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Don’t Throw out those Pumpkin Seeds!

  Carving your pumpkin this coming weekend? Don’t throw those pumpkin seeds away!!! lightly salt them on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes for a super healthy power snack! Rich in protein, Omega 3′s,...
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Fall Makeover For Your Muffins!

pumpkin muffins
It’s time for a fall makeover for  your muffins!! It’s that time of year to switch out your bananas for pumpkin in your BodyInstinct Banana muffins! I made some this morning and they were sooooo yummy! Everyone loves...
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